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Q/A for New Customers


The following disclaimer is provided to clarify the terms and conditions associated with the Cable Net Connect service being offered:

Service Availability: The availability of Cable Net Connect is subject to geographical location and coverage area. Please verify with our customer service representatives if the service is accessible in your specific area.

Package Components: The package includes both TV and internet services, with specific channels, content, and internet speeds as outlined in the provided documentation. Please review the package details to understand what is included.

Channel Lineup: The TV channel lineup may be subject to changes, including additions, removals, or substitutions, based on content provider agreements. We will strive to inform customers of any significant changes to the channel lineup.

Internet Speeds: The advertised internet speeds are up to the specified value and are not guaranteed at all times. Actual speeds may vary based on factors such as network congestion, distance from the access point, and device capabilities.

Data Usage: Depending on the package, there may be data usage limitations. Exceeding data limits could result in reduced speeds or additional charges. It is recommended to monitor your data usage to ensure compliance with the package terms.

Equipment: The necessary equipment for TV and internet services, such as a set-top box and modem, may be provided by us and should be used in accordance with the provided guidelines. In case of any technical issues, our support team is available to assist.

Billing and Pricing: Pricing for the Cable Net Connect is subject to change and may include promotional rates for a limited time. Regular rates will apply after the promotional period ends. Please refer to your billing statement for accurate pricing details.

Contract and Cancellation: The Cable Net Connect may be subject to a contract term. Early termination or cancellation fees might apply if the contract is not fulfilled. It is advisable to review the terms of the contract and cancellation policy before subscribing.

Content Streaming and Quality: The quality of streaming content may vary based on internet speed and other factors. High-definition streaming and multiple device usage may require higher internet speeds.

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