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Exam/Contract Cheating

Exam/Contract Cheating: A Growing Problem in the Academic World

Cheating has always been a problem in the academic world. From copying homework to plagiarizing entire papers, students have found ways to cheat the system for decades. However, a new form of cheating known as exam/contract cheating has emerged in recent years and is becoming an increasing problem.

What is Exam/Contract Cheating?

Exam/contract cheating involves paying someone else to take an exam or complete an assignment on your behalf. This can include hiring a professional to write a paper for you, paying someone to take an exam in your place, or even using a fake identity to access online courses or exams.

Why is it a Problem?

Exam/contract cheating undermines the integrity of the academic system and devalues the efforts of honest students. It gives an unfair advantage to those who cheat and creates an uneven playing field for students who work hard to earn their grades.

Furthermore, exam/contract cheating can have serious consequences for students who engage in it. If caught, they may face severe academic penalties, including failing the course, being expelled from school, or having their degree revoked.

How can it be Prevented?

Preventing exam/contract cheating requires a collaborative effort between educational institutions, faculty, and students. Here are some ways to prevent it:

1. Raise Awareness: Educational institutions should educate their students about the consequences of cheating and how it undermines the integrity of the academic system.

2. Use Technology: Institutions can use technology to monitor student activity, detect plagiarism, and prevent unauthorized access to exams and assignments.

3. Assign Original Work: Instructors can assign assignments that require original research, critical thinking, and creativity, making it more difficult for students to cheat.

4. Create a Culture of Honesty: Students should be encouraged to value honesty and integrity, and teachers should model these values in their own work.


Exam/contract cheating is a growing problem in the academic world, and it is up to all of us to prevent it. By raising awareness, using technology, assigning original work, and creating a culture of honesty, we can ensure that academic integrity remains intact and that every student has an equal opportunity to succeed.